Pastor Joe is from Belfast, N Ireland, he has been married to Lizzie for 30 years, they have two children, Emmie & Kieran, both married and one grandchild Olivia-Grace.

Pastor Joe & Lizzie have been in pastoral ministry for as long as they have been married, they have a passion to see local churches reach out to the poor, vulnerable and broken.

Pastor Joe & Lizzie lead Dudley Community Church and Dudley Counselling Centre.

Pastor Joe & Lizzie

To support the local church in its understanding and reaching out, Pastor Joe has written a number of books for church leaders and volunteers.

"Beaten, Battered, Bruised & Blessed", aims to increase awareness of Domestic Abuse, often covered up in churches. This book has just been republished.

"Depressed or Possessed" aims to increase understanding and awareness of mental illiness and how the church can help without jumping to crazy charismatic conclusions.

"God's Word, Will & Ways, aims to help new Christians grow in their new christian journey.  This book is also in Swahili, Tamial and Polish.

The project, "Blackcountry Holy Hush" is a web site to support churches in their efforts to address the issue of Dometic Abuse in their congregations and communities.

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